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HR Whiz was created by two seasoned HR Professionals who have more than 30 years of field and corporate HR experience in industries such as retail, manufacturing, health care and media.

Our vision is for HR Whiz to be a full-functioning and resourceful HR blog.  Meaning, we will offer continuously updated content in the form of our own posts, Guest Posts, commentary, networking, links, product information and more.  Basically, we will be a one-stop-shop for the busy HR Professional out there (or anyone that also does HR as a part of their job).  From recruiting to employment law to legislation to strategic practices; we’ll cover it for you.

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We just launched on July 9th, so more updates will be available shortly.  Please visit back soon!

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  • richard davidson

    To those who share the concept of equality. Comments on the EEOC vs CRST by Laura Beck,E. Kuly, Bonnie,Janet Siders, Harry Mann and numerous others of EEOC so-called investigative tactics. Any person can file suit to reverse an EEOC determination as seen in CRST. What is not discussed when EEOC commits to paper “BASED UPON ITS INVESTIGATION” and where one or more individuals were not investigated is called pre-determined judgement, its not fair and may be in violation of Federal criminal law title 18 sec. 1001. EEOC does not disclose matters of apparent violation of criminal statutes are expeditiously reported to the Attorney General 28USC sec.535. EEOC appears to have disdain for the laws and what looks like MIKE R. says, February 22, 2010 and others there appears validity EEOC is in violation of criminal laws. It’s the United States Attorney to authorize investigation and to prosecute those at EEOC that deprive equal treatment under the law, not state, or district courts
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