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I’ll See You in Court

In Ohio, there are several levels available to claimants during the unemployment process.

  • Initial Level
  • Appeal Level
  • Unemployment Hearing (usually conducted over the telephone)
  • Appeal to the Commission (they won’t even touch it unless it’s a precedent-setting opportunity)
  • File it into court

In 13 years in HR, I have never seen a former employee file an unemployment claim appeal into court.  I never lose claims, so normally the claimants give up after the hearing level, or the Commission denies their appeal anyway.

But I actually had a former employee call me yesterday and tell me that he intended to file an appeal into court.  My thought – we won at the initial level, we won when he appealed, we won the hearing and the Commission denied his final appeal.  Oh, I forgot to mention that he resigned in writing with notice.  I’m sorry, but that’s not a winner in the unemployment world.  So I told him he’d probably be better served looking for a job.

1 comment to I’ll See You in Court

  • HR Whiz

    This post is old, but the court recently made a decision. We (the employer) won. It just goes to show you…never put more effort into your unemployment claim than you did looking for a job. It will never work out for you.